Profound: To be Found

We all know the Earth rotates and we are constantly in motion. Yet, we do not realize the extremity of this fact.

stock-video-83122685-girl-looking-at-night-sky-with-meteor“Our Milky Way Galaxy is rotating at 225 kilometers per second, and hurling through the cosmos at an estimated 305 kilometers per second. Add those figures together, and we’re racing through space at around 530 kilometers, or 330 miles per second. So in one minute’s time, you’ve  traveled almost 20,000 kilometers, or more than 12,000 miles” (

Profound, right? Unless you are are the person who calculated that fact, to whom it is perfectly logical.

As defined on, “profound” is a state of intensity. It is having or showing great knowledge or insight. It is associated with words such as wise, intelligent, and scholarly.

By nature, “profound” is relative. A notion is deemed profound not by he/she that displayed the insight, but by he/she that gained it. 




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