Proving My Visibility

We all want to be seen.

“What makes you worth seeing?”, my 11th grade English teacher challenged as a gateway to self-evaluation. 


I have thought about my answer long after the fifty minutes of giving and watching presentations on the topic. It is easy to forget that every person around us is worth seeing. The more we see things around us, the more they become invisible. For example, when you walk outside to get check the mailbox, when was the last time you looked up and noticed just how blue the sky is? Do you hear birds chirping anymore? The more we see things, we SEE them less and less. This idea applies to ourselves as well (given that we are always with ourselves). If we cannot see ourselves, who will? 

Arguably, I do not think one ever “sees” himself/herself at all. In my mind, life is a journey to meet yourself. Every night I go to bed and say goodbye to the person I was today and welcome who I am going to be tomorrow. Everyday is an invitation of sorts. My life is a journey to meet Ms.Khetarpal. With all my heart I am looking forward to meeting her.

In the end, people won’t remember you for what you did, or what you looked like. People will remember you for how you made them FEEL. What is essential to feeling is invisible to the eye. Throughout my lifetime, I hope to make people feel unforgettably. Because then, and only then, I am visible. 


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