The Frame is More Important


Let’s say life is a picture. It is difficult to see the picture when you’re inside the frame. Often, just as one manages to see the whole picture, it renders disappointment.

If you cannot change the picture, change the Frame


Changing how you look at life will enable you to see a world that is just yours. From an early age we are all raised into society with the same standard picture frame. Inevitably, there is no “one size fits all” in the reality of acceptance. Testing different frames is a natural expectation of life. The real tragedy occurs when the frame is never changed or acknowledged to begin with.

There is only ever one painting. There is only one story to be told. It is the story of humanity. So where does the individual fit into this? The painting is meant to look different to everyone. In paintings, the frame chosen is just as important as the art. It is the border that defines where the art ends and the world begins. In life, one’s mindset acts as a similar border. Embrace your view on life, but be open to change.

The painting will never change. Humanity lies in the notion that the definition of what is “art” certainly varies. 


3 thoughts on “The Frame is More Important

  1. imlostwithoutme says:

    Definitely. I am the same as well whenever I go to a place filled with framed paintings. I have taken much more interest with frames as they themselves are art. 🙂


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