Time: Spend Don’t Save

People advise me to enjoy my youth telling me, “time is the one thing that you will never get back”. People come and go. Money comes and goes. Happiness and sadness come and go. But time? Time just passes.


There is a great obsession with “saving time”. There are whole industries involved with productivity, time management, etc. These can either be a vice or a boon. The reality is very simple: one cannot save time. One can only spend it. Think about it, if time-saving methods or devices really worked then we would have more time in a day now than at any other point in history. Yet, the contrary seems to be true. It almost feels as though we have less time in the day than ever before.

Are we trying to manage time? Or practice time management? We fall into the mindset of having to save time forgetting that it is simply not possible. Once we acknowledge that time is to be spent, it is up to the individual whether he/she spends it wisely or foolishly.

In this case, time is not money. So spend it! Don’t save it!






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