Calculated Aesthetic Perfection


“Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection.” -Richard Courant

Mathematics is an innate aspect of nature as well as an invention from human intellect. It is a rare combination. From the symmetry of snowflakes, to the Fibonacci sequence in a Nautilus shell, mathematics is embedded in the world around us. It forges relationships and acknowledges the constants in the world of knowledge. It is one aspect of nature that fosters human understanding. It had humble beginnings as ancient civilizations encountered the need to find ways to measure time, distance, and quantity.  Centuries of Mathematicians challenged and continued the works of those who came before. Mathematics compounded into a fuel to push mastery over the unknown. It playfully intertwines the human mind with innate laws of the universe. Ironically, mathematics pairs well with philosophy, as it  pretends to be a study of absolutes. There is a simple beauty in this undeniable complicated field. For example, Euler’s Identity combines five important and fairly advanced mathematics constants and shows the beautiful, simple relationship between them as they compute into zero. 



From mathematics, there has stemmed a larger appreciation for the process and not necessarily the solution itself.  Mathematics will always have a place in the world so long as humans have a desire to master reality and a practical motive to keep studying it.


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