Meditation: Mental Mastery

Meditation comes in two unique parts: isolation and solitude. First, one must physically isolate his/herself from a demanding environment. Second, one must find solitude within his/her own mind. Finding this solitude means allowing thoughts about other people, places, or ideas exit the mind. And in time, one can even allow the voice of conscience to momentarily exit as the core of meditation is to simply exist.


Do not be afraid to be selfish and take time for personal reflection.

Although meditation may seem to be a practice of stagnant time, do not be afraid to change as your mind grows, for there is nothing more powerful than an evolving intellect. As new chapters arise in our lives many aspects of the physical world will change. Addresses might change, the way we dress will change, the people we talk to will change. But, if you don’t actively allow for your mind to evolve, you will find yourself reliving the same experiences over and over again. Even though everything outwardly changed, nothing inwardly will have. You must strive to achieve self mastery. That is the greatest ability you have, yet as Henry David Thoreau observed, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” To him, Many people go through life unaware of their true greatness as they are falsified by external ovations. Instead, you can concentrate on this mastery of your own mind.
Ironically, meditation is a form of concentration that demands no thought. It will reflect itself on all the dimensions of your life, both socially and intellectually.


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