Manifest your Best


A notion that I have been exploring lately is the Law of Attraction. In essence this law seems to have its foundation in the belief of karmic energies. René Descartes infamous philosophical proposition, “I think, therefore I am” seems very applicable here. This Law acknowledges the power an actualized individual can have on molding their reality in the presence of the universe. Its focus is the idea that the universe will match whatever energy level -or frequency- you exude. For example, if an individual is always negative, never happy with life, and is always complaining, the universe will match their energy and provide them with more things to be negative about. Whereas, if an individual is positive, hopeful, and ambitious, the universe will provide them with opportunities to fulfill such emotions.

An individual’s mind alone has the power to manifest opportunities and infuse his/her life with intentionally placed surroundings. Afterall, thoughts become words, and words become actions.




Image source: xfbafdht.jpg


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